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Wet process hardboard technology which is the main scope of business of Selolit, could only develop enough to enable serial production in 1950’s, although it was invented in 19th century.

Therefore, Selolit was established in 1956 in İzmir to produce wet process hardboard made of wood (Duralite) and started production in 1958. For the first time in Turkey, the company utilized remains of lumber that can be used only as wood fuel till then, as an industrial raw material for furniture manufacturers.

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The wet process hardboards (Duralite) that Selolit produces with the technology it uses, do not contain any substances that are hazardous to human health. The natural resin of wood (lignin), obtained by high pressure steam, is used to solidify the board. The produced hardboards are completely natural. No synthetic resin (glue) is used throughout production. Thus, this feature makes Selolit hardboard totally natural and non-hazardous to human health.

These hardboards had and have been utilized in various industries such as auto industry, body shops, for upholstered sofa sets in furniture industry, in construction industry, in production of doors and windows, packaging and even in purse manufacturing industries.

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Symbol of Ethics and Trust

Made of natural materials,
Elastic and can be reshaped,
Contains substances that are non-hazardous to human health.

Always innovative Selolit, has become ‘a symbol of ethics and trust’ since the date it was established and is proud of being the pioneer of wood hardboard industry in Turkey.

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